OFS - Photo by K. Mitch Hodge


All products labelled as Organic in the EU must meet certain standards. The Organic Trust is the centre of excellence for Organic Certification.


Organic Trust certifies all farming and growing enterprises including Organic livestock producers, Organic dairy producers, Organic horticultural producers, Organic poultry and egg enterprises and Organic cereals.

  • Photo by Jenny Hill


    Organic Trust certifies a range of food business including Organic processors, manufacturing, importing, trading, distribution, retail, wholesalers, organic Microgreens or germinated sprout grain processors, Abbatoir/butchers, health and beauty products and organic mushroom production.

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    Organic Trust certifies aquaculture production sites and processing of aquaculture based produce. We support our Aquaculture members to meet the rising international demand for sustainable and clean aquaculture produce. Organic Mussels and Organic Seaweed products are making an impact on international markets across Europe and Asia.

  • Photo by Andy Castille