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Applications for Farmers and Growers

If you are interested in converting your holding to Organic Production, follow the 3 easy steps outlined below and your application will be underway.

Steps to Certification

Step 1 - Application

Call the Organic Trust Office on 045 882377 to request an application pack, or click here to download or complete online

Step 2 - Inspection

Following review of your application form, we will organise an inspection of your premises at a time convenient to you.

Step 3 - Certification

Your inspector will submit an inspection report which will be reviewed by our certification panel. If everything is in order you will be issued with your first in-conversion licence.

If you require clarification on any point of the application process, simply telephone the Organic Trust Office on 045 882377 and we can help with your queries.

Please note to maintain your organic licence thereafter you are required to submit your Annual Return Form and fee, and be inspected on an annual basis.

how to get organically certified

Additional Information

Grants for Organic Operators

The Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine offers a range of financial incentives to assist those involved in organic production. Details of the Organic Farming Scheme are made available yearly as soon as they are published by the Organic Unit of the Department of Agriculture.

For up-to-date information on the Organic Farming Scheme, Click Here

In addition, capital grants will be available for the purchase of specific equipment and for buildings. Please note this is still currently open to avail of.

Click on this link for details Organic Capital Grants

Organic Trust Standards Manual

The Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland and amendments are available from the links below. This manual details the rules and guidelines which must be adhere to for certified products and processing.

Standards for Third Country Imports

Catalogue of Infringements