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Clover Magazine

Clover magazine is published by the Organic Trust CLG and contains a wealth of information on all aspects of organic production. Clover magazine is issued free to all Organic Trust licensees.
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About the Organic Trust.

The Organic Trust is the centre of excellence when it comes to organic inspection and certification. The very broad range of organic technical expertise available within our organisation is at your service.

If our website does not answer all of your queries, simply telephone our office (01 8530271) where Helen Scully (CEO) will provide clarity regarding any deficits in the information provided - clarity which will help you to make an informed decision about your particular enterprise or product.

The Organic Trust was founded in Ireland in 1991 by a core group of dedicated organic producers including some of the pioneers of organic food production in Ireland.  The Trust was established as a voluntary not-for-profit organisation to provide a credible system of organic inspection & certification on which the consumer can depend.  The overall aim or mission of the organisation is to maintain the integrity of food labelled as ‘organic’ and to assure the consumer that organic food carrying the Organic Trust logo was produced in compliance with strict organic standards. High standards of organic production and an inspection system built on a very detailed knowledge of organic production are the pillars of the Organic Trust.

The Organic Trust is approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine in Ireland (who have assigned the control code IE-ORG-03 to the Organic Trust); by DEFRA in the UK to facilitate our organic inspection and certification services in the UK (DEFRA have assigned the control code GB-ORG-09 for such activities) and by the European Commission.

Organic Food & Farming Standards in Ireland

Standards for organic production regulate a very sophisticated and elaborate system of food production – all designed to produce food naturally and to ensure that potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals are kept out of the food chain.  The supply of high quality food and the preservation  of taste and nutritional value are additional concerns, as are the protection of our environment and the maintenance of high standards of animal welfare.  It is clear that such a comprehensive undertaking requires comprehensive rules and regulations … and of course a knowledgeable and committed organisation to ensure that these rules are adhered to - this is exactly what the Organic Trust has been doing since 1992.

Quite simply, the Organic Trust upholds the integrity of organic food.

What we do

The Organic Trust provides:

  • An organic inspection and certification service for the most comprehensive range of organic enterprises and products in Ireland.
  • A user-friendly standards manual which keeps abreast of legislative amendments as they arise
  • A comprehensive service to all categories of applicant
  • A journal for the professional organic producer titled 'Clover Magazine'

The Organic Trust offers a professional, user-friendly Organic Inspection and Certification Service for a vast range of organic enterprises including the full range of organic food.  The scope of our certification covers the most prolific range of organic enterprises in Ireland at the present time.  Currently this includes all organic livestock enterprises from organic beef, lamb and poultry units to the more specialised enterprises of organic dairy, pig, goat and deer production.  We also certify all aspects of horticultural production from the small less-than-an-acre systems to the more commercial field-scale horticultural units for vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, seeds and so forth – in addition, we inspect and certify all aspects of organic grain and cereals production.  

The Organic Trust are the most experienced certifiers of the full range of organic processed products which includes organic - bakery; chocolate; coffee & tea; essential oils; dairy and cheese; herbal; cereal; muesli; honey; humus, pates, tapenades; aquaculture; liqueur; preserves; soups; sauces; pasta dishes; cordials; dairy crumb and desserts; organic snack products – popcorn and maize based; organic juices; tofu; salmon; maca; oats; stocks; oils; ice-cream; vinegar; confectionery …….. and so forth – for an all-inclusive listing of products certified by the Organic Trust, simply telephone our office and the information will be forwarded to you.

Recent legislative changes now require facilities which store and subsequently distribute organic products to be in possession of an organic licence – the Organic Trust can provide such a service.  We also certify the majority of organically certified retailers (including butchers), importers and distributors.

The only dedicated organic meat processing unit in Ireland – Good Herdsmen Ltd – is certified by the Organic Trust.  The Organic Trust also certify a significant number of other abattoir and meat processing units.

Ireland's dedicated organically certified restaurants – the Strawberry Tree Restaurant at the BrookLodge Hotel  – is certified by the Organic Trust.

The Organic Trust symbol provides our members with a very valuable marketing tool – our unique recognisable logo verifies the organic integrity of the products on which it appears.

The organic sector in Ireland is in a continuous state of development.  The Organic Trust are proud to certify a huge range of the organic products on the retail shelves in Ireland (with the bulk of Irish-produced organic food being marketed under the Organic Trust logo) and we feel it is timely to talk about our extensive work “behind the scenes”.  

The Organic Trust has concentrated on providing a trustworthy and professional inspection & certification service to Irish organic producers. Comprehensive Standards for organic production have been developed over the years culminating in The Organic Food & Farming Standards in Ireland. Courses in Organic Production, such as those at the Organic Centre in Leitrim were originally nurtured and developed by the Organic Trust. Countless meetings with State and Semi-State Bodies are attended to assist in developing the wider aspects of the Irish organic sector.

The people behind the Organic Trust logo

The Organic Trust is fortunate to have the services of highly qualified and experienced Inspectors who are competitively paid individuals with formal qualifications in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, food science technology, together with extensive organic production & processing experience.

The Certification Panel is comprised of individuals with a broad range of educational backgrounds and experience  (from commercial organic growers to Food Science Technologists) who provide their skills and extensive expertise for this very important task – much of their work is provided on a voluntary basis. Certification Meetings are monitored by the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine, by DEFRA and the Organic Trust always invite an unbiased consumer representative to our certification meetings.  

The Certification Panel review every single inspection report produced by our Inspectors on an anonymous basis to maintain a totally unbiased approach. Our office uses the most up to date technology to keep on top of all administrative requirements and to provide the necessary back-up and support to all of our producer members.  

Why do busy people provide their services on a voluntary basis? Because of an inherent belief in the ethos of organic production; because of a care and concern for our environment; because of  a deep conviction that managing our land organically will ensure that we will have a legacy of fruitful land to leave our children.

In a sector which is regulated and legislatively controlled to a far greater extent than any other sector of the economy, there are many individuals who feel a strong sense of responsibility for the sector today and for its future development to the extent that they wish to ensure that the original aims of the founders of the Organic Trust are not diluted or compromised. The Organic Trust is not an anonymous and faceless body – it is comprised of individuals who feel strongly about the organic sector in Ireland and its future potential.

The Organic Trust logo on a product is not a cosmetic additive – it is a stamp of authenticity – a sign of approval from the Organic Trust that this product  complied with the strict organic criteria laid down.  

The Organic Trust is proud to be a centre of excellence in the inspection and certification of organic produce in Ireland on a 32 county basis. Members of the Organic Trust include a vast range of household names - the up-to-date listing is available from the Organic Trust office (01 853 0271).  
Quite simply, the Organic Trust upholds the integrity of organic food.

If you would like your products to be certified by a professional organisation – an organisation with integrity and prestige, join the Organic Trust – we assure you of our 100% commitment to your organic endeavours.

Key Contacts:

Helen Scully, CEO

01 8530271

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