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At Java Republic Roasting Company we're driven by a determination to get the best taste out of the best coffee beans. We're also committed to doing the best we can for the people who grow our coffee. Our obsession with quality is matched by an open and honest approach to communication, and a belief in the best.

We spent two years perfecting our patented handroasting technique before we began selling handroasted coffee in 1999, and no other commercial roaster can match the care and expertise of our master roasters! The result of our passion for quality is objectively superior handroasted coffee, real leaf teas, and ethical hot chocolate.

Training and Services

It goes without saying, but even if we make the best coffee in the world, you can ruin our reputation in minutes by serving just one bad cup of coffee. That's why we have a complete programme of service and training to ensure that every coffee that you serve does justice to our award-winning handroasted coffee beans.

The foundation of our education programme gives our customers the artistry, skills and experience they need to be a barista. We run training days here at The Roastery, and at customer venues, with the sole aim of giving you the expertise needed to make a consistently perfect specialty coffee. The tips and tricks you learn with us will keep your customers coming back for more. We can even teach you how to finish off your specialty coffee with latte art – the ultimate in coffee credibility.

Why our coffee is better

  1. Better Green Beans: We only use Grade 1 Arabica green beans, sourced directly from specialist growers around the world. That's why we're proud to show the grade and percentage of every bean on each bag of coffee.
  2. Handroasted: We don't use computers to roast our coffees - each of our bean varietals is handroasted by craftsmen with over three decades of experience. It takes longer, but makes for better flavour.
  3. 21 Minute Slow Roast: We roast at a low heat, for a long time. It produces a darker, richer roast with a strong sweet flavour. Some competitors blast their beans with scorching heat for a mere four and a half minutes.
  4. Origin Flavour Lock: We stock at least 26 speciality Grade 1 green beans from three continents; each has unique flavour characteristics, so we handroast every one of them separately before blending.
  5. Naturally Cooled: We end our roast by stirring handroasted beans in an open tray; they cool slowly, which protects and enhances the flavour. Other roasters water quench, which fades flavour and adds artificial weight.
  6. Date Roasted: Our coffee is fresh produce - it reaches a peak flavour 12 to 24 hours after roasting. That's why we handroast on demand, pack straight after roasting, and display the date and time of roasting on packs.
  7. Unique Grinds: Coffee beans need to be ground to a specific size for cafetieres or filter coffee machines; most coffee companies sell only one grind for both. 'This multi-grind' is a shortcut that destroys flavour.
  8. Fresh Valve Technology: Because fresh roast coffee releases gases, our pack has a one-way valve. It lets the coffee breathe, yet protects flavour. Without this, other roasters must wait days before packing. How fresh is that?

Real Leaf Tea

We realised that our pursuit of perfect coffee had created an anomaly for our customers. When asked to serve tea, there was nothing they could offer to equal the quality of our coffee. We searched to find the best tea growers in the world, and looked at ways to bring teas to you so their flavour stayed full and their antioxidant properties were preserved. We’re very happy with the end result – and so were the judges at the International Great Taste awards.

Just like our handroasted coffee, we’re proud to have our real leaf tea judged against the best in the UK and Ireland. We entered the full family of Java Republic Real Leaf Tea in the International Great Taste awards, and walked away with silver and bronze medals from a very competitive category.

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