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Healys Honey Ltd (also T/A Healy Ventures Ltd)

Healys Honey (also T/A Healy Ventures Ltd) was established in the late 1970's. It is a family-run operation, specialising in producing, purchasing, distributing pure honey nationwide.

Healy's Organic Honey (also T/A Healy Ventures Ltd) is sold under licence from the Organic Trust Ltd and is sold in 340g jars with a distinctive honeycomb label.

Healys Organic Honey was introduced onto the Irish market in 1999. It is sourced from various apiaries around the world based on flavour and availability. For bees to produce honey that can be classed as organic, there must not be any fields which have been sprayed or had chemical fertilisers used on them for a radius of at least 3 km in every direction from the location of the particular hive.

Healys Organic Honey is characterised by a rich colour and a mellow delicious taste. Because it is organic and produced under the strictest guidelines, it is very safe to eat and has been produced in a way which is kinder to the environment. Research shows that it is easier for the body to digest organic honey thus it is recommended for better health and energy.

Healys Honey is available in most supermarkets and independent retailers.

Full details of product price and availability can be found on our website.

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