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Oriel Sea Salt Company

The Oriel Sea Salt Company harvests the ocean to produce a fine grain Sea Salt with a powerful taste profile along with Deep Sea Minerals as functional ingredients.

Powerful Ingredient Sea Salt, allows our clients to use 25% less or the same for an extra kick of flavour. Deep Ocean Minerals as functional Food Supplements.


A taste profile with a depth of flavour like no other. Fine powder like grain for the perfect ingredient. Enhances your recipes.

The only Irish Sea Salt protected under the EU PDO classification. Co-branded smoked Sea Salt with Guinness, Teeling Whiskey and Roe & Co Whiskey. Oriel work with our countries leading chefs, restaurants, hotels and with global clients in beverage, crisps and snacks, ready meals(healthier options) sauces, ingredient blends, ice creams and even skincare.


Kiln Dried Sea Salt - Free Flowing - No additives

Natural Sea Salt - Slightly Moist

Teeling Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt

Guinness Smoked Sea Salt (exclusive)

Roe & Co Smoked Sea Salt (exclusive)

Magnesium Mineral Extract (Liquid Food Supplement)

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Port Oriel, Clogherhead,
Co. Louth

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