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Connemara Seafoods Frozen Ltd

Ireland's leading cultivator and producer of fresh, frozen, pasteurised and organic seafood products.

Connemara Seafood is Ireland’s leading cultivator, processor & exporter of fresh, frozen, freeze chilled, pasteurised and organic seafood products. Situated on the Atlantic in one of the world’s most unspoilt natural environments off the west coast of Ireland, they have over 60 years experience in the seafood industry.

It is home to Connemara where the company Connemara Seafoods draws its name and origin from. The company family origins are rooted there for over 150 years. Connemara has continued an unbroken timeline of cultivating, processing and developing premium, innovative shellfish products, to this day.

The Connemara Seafoods brand name is synonymous with quality and value.

Connemara produce superior, superbly-presented and competitively-priced shellfish products including mussels, crab, crab claws, clams, razor clams, winkles, whelks, cockles, oysters, lobsters and an extensive range of shellfish ready meals.

Connemara Seafoods Frozen Ltd were awarded an organic licence from Organic Trust for our organic mussel products.

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