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OFS - Organic Farming Scheme

OFS, Organic Farming Scheme provides financial assistance to Organic Farmers through the Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine (DAFM). Currently the OFS is closed to new applications but is due to reopen soon. The OT will update the website with further information when this changes.

If you intend to avail of payments under the OFS (Organic Farming Scheme), you must ensure that you complete the on-line OFS application requirements.

Please note that in the last tranche of the Organic Farming Scheme, priority was given to applications from organic cereals, dairy and horticulture producers.
To make application for payment under the Organic Farming Scheme, you must already be registered on http://www.agfood.ie ; If you are not registered, you can register via this link: https://agfood.agriculture.gov.ie/ssoauthagfood/individual/IndividualLogin.htm
You must then register with the Organic Trust. Please phone the Organic Trust Office on 045 882377 and obtain our free application pack or download the application documentation from our Producer Application Pack here.
In the first instance complete and return page 1 of the blue Org.1 form and return it to the Organic Trust office.
We will notify DAFM that we have received your completed registration form and DAFM will activate your http://www.agfood.ie entry to facilitate your on-line OFS application. You must complete the on-line OFS application by the assigned closing date.
Then complete the Organic Trust application documentation and submit this to the Organic Trust CLG together with all of the items specified on the last page of the application form.

As soon as the Organic Trust receives your completed application documentation, it will be reviewed for compliance and we will arrange for your farm to be inspected.
Following inspection and certification, you will be issued with your first in-conversion licence.

Finally, you must also complete the mandatory training course if you have not already completed same. Potential applicants should note that the Organic Trust also run the mandatory production courses on strategic dates during the year and some of these take place over weekends – please telephone the Organic Trust office on 045 882377 for full details of the courses available. Please note that you will be required to demonstrate your completion of the mandatory organic production course by uploading your certificate of attendance.

Full details of the conditions of entry to the last Organic Farming Scheme are available via this link: http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/farmingsectors/organicfarming/organicsscheme/organicfarmingscheme/

It is important to emphasise that it is not a mandatory requirement to avail of payments under the Organic Farming Scheme - new entrants to organic production can convert their holdings in the absence of payments under the OFS at any time.

Contact the Organic Trust Office on 045 882377 to receive your application pack or follow the Steps to Certification online here