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Keep Organic Agriculture GMO Free

IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) have launched a new publication on new genetic engineering techniques. This document provides an overview on New GMOs, their impact, and highlights the position of the organic sector.

After the great success last July, with the decision of the European Court of Justice which concludes that new genetic engineering techniques will be regulated as GMOs, vested biotech interests are now strongly pushing for the reopening of Directive 2001/18 so new techniques would be deregulated. It will be crucial in the coming months to highlight the position of the organic sector on this topic at both national and European level and continue our advocacy work to avoid the deregulation of new GMOs. That is why we are disseminating this document as widely as possible.

We must ensure that organic agriculture remains GMO free!

Please access the IFOAM document on this topic - .pdf below

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