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FiBL and IFOAM - Organics International - The World of Organic Agriculture

An interesting report has just been published setting out the World of Organic Agriculture - Statistics and Emerging Trends in 2020. With this 21st edition, FiBL and IFOAM - Organics International provide a comprehensive review of recent developments in global organic agriculture.

The report includes a myriad of very useful statistics and emerging trends.

This publication also demonstrates the contribution of organic agriculture to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Given that organic agriculture touches on almost all of the goals, this report not only shows the land area, the number of producers and market figures, it also highlights the contribution of organic agriculture to tackling climate change, ensuring food and nutrition security, halting biodiversity loss and promoting sustainable consumption, to name but a few.

Organic agriculture is practiced in 186 countries, and 71.5 million hectares of agricultural land are managed organically by approximately 2.8 million farmers. The global sales of organic food and drink reached more than 96 million euros in 2018.

Overall "The World of Organic Agriculture" shows the potential organic farming has to contribute to a sustainable future.

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