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GSV Coffee Ltd T/A Artessa

At Artessa, our mission is to spread the joy of good coffee and awaken your senses to the beauty that exists
in every cup!
Our delicious range of Artessa coffees and blends is available to coffee lovers across Europe through our
website and wholesale business. We are proud to be the supplier of choice to many commercial clients, who
share our passion for the best coffee.
Artessa was founded by Georgia Visnyei - inspired by the rich cafe culture of Hungary where Georgia grew up
and a lifelong passion for the pursuit of beauty in all things. For over 10 years we have been roasting the
world's best coffees from Carrick-on-Shannon in County Leitrim in the heart of Ireland, supplying beautiful
coffee to our wonderful customers across Ireland, the UK and Europe. Every Artessa blend is roasted to perfection with love for our art and a deep understanding of what makes great coffee.
The journey to a great cup of Artessa coffee starts with high quality, specialty-grade green coffee beans. But
it's our understanding of coffee from growing up in Hungary, Europe's oldest coffee culture, that really sets
us apart! All Artessa coffees are expertly roasted to bring out their rich flavour and natural brilliance - a delicious taste all coffee lovers can enjoy.

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