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The Ethical Gardener - Organic Microgreens

Gourmet Organic Irish Microgreens. After reading about the wonderful taste and health benefits of microgreens on food forums and social media sites, we ( Tracy Anne & Steve) started to look into where we could purchase certified organic greens in our area, and to our disappointment, we were unable to find them!

As we had already been eating organic salads and vegetables for some years, we knew we were unwilling to compromise on our principles. And why would we? So I suppose we could say, we started growing organic microgreens out of necessity. After a few months, our kitchen was starting to look like a greenhouse and our friends and family were always eager to help us out, happily munching away on the our various microgreen varieties.

Steve & myself had come from different backgrounds, I came from an environmental science background and Steve from the aquatic industry but our skills and love of plants and food seemed a perfect fit for growing these organic wonders. We hope you agree.

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Sans Souci, Poulshone,
Co. Wexford

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