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Clover Magazine

Clover Magazine

Clover magazine is published by the Organic Trust CLG and contains a wealth of information on all aspects of organic production. Clover magazine is issued free to all Organic Trust licensees.
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Organic Licences From Organic Trust

News | 20 Jan 2016

Join a progressive, professional organisation - obtain your organic licence from Organic Trust - in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Join the Organic Trust and enjoy the following benefits:

• Access to the most experienced Organic Inspectorate in Ireland – highly qualified individuals with a wealth of organic knowledge and experience

• Receipt of monthly E-Newsletter – Organic Trust News; the renowned Clover magazine and access to our state-of-the-art website

• All the latest certification news direct to our members when you sign up to our free text and email services

• Free participation at Organic Trust technical events -  Autumn series of organic-specific technical events - attendance is free to Organic Trust members - nationwide locations

• A fast, cost-effective, efficient and confidential service relating to your organic licence, queries and certification decisions

• Being part of the most professional organic producer group in Ireland - currently serving in excess of 700 client members

• Representation at local, national and international level regarding the specific concerns of Ireland’s organic community

Organic Trust Ltd – a voluntary not-for-profit organisation - putting YOUR organic interests FIRST!

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