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Update on HPAI H5N8 - more wild birds confirmed positive - status of restricted zones in GB

News | 27 Feb 2017

Wild bird cases in Ireland • 3 more whooper swans have been confirmed positive for H5N8 (see attached map) • These were all found in Cloondroon Lake, Milltown, Co. Galway on 20 February • This brings the total number of positive birds to 12

Current status re H5N8 cases in England
The following is the current status of the Protection & Surveillance Zones in GB:
Protection and surveillance zones remain at the following sites:
• Redgrave, Suffolk (confirmed on 14 February)
• Wyre, Lancashire (confirmed on 27 January - updated 30 January with a case at a further linked premises)
• Wyre, Lancashire (confirmed on 24 January )
Surveillance Zone restrictions remain in place at the following site:
• Boston, Lincolnshire (confirmed on 26 January)

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