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2015 Organic Farming Scheme - Closing Date May 29th - Applications Now Being Processed

News | 21 May 2015

The Organic Trust is very busy processing new applicant files to ensure all new entrants can apply on-line for the 2015 OFS (Organic Farming Scheme) - closing date May 29th 2015. Those who have not yet submitted their completed application documents to the Organic Trust are urged to forward these as soon as possible.

Farmers who are also applying for priority access to GLAS are required to have their application submitted to the Organic Trust by May 26th. 

Following a review of your application documentation, the Organic Trust immediately register your details with the Organic Unit of the Department which will ensure that you are able to complete your OFS on-line application - please note that only new operators registered with the Organic Unit of DAFM will be able to access the on-line system.

In 2015, the OFS is an on-line application system only which will require that you are registered for the Department's on-line services.  If you are not already registered for on-line services with the Department, then you can register now via the following link:  This link is also used for your on-line OFS application - simply logon onto the Department's on-line services using your username and password and click on the Organic Farming Scheme option.

A requirement of the Organic Farming Scheme is completion of the mandatory organic training course - if you have not already completed the course, please register your name on the Teagasc waiting list for nationwide courses to be held in the summer of 2015

2015 OFS participants must have completed the mandatory training course by September 1st.

Copies of the Organic Farming Scheme terms and conditions are available from     2015 OFS Payment Rates are available on the .pdf download below.

The Organic Trust is available to answer any queries which you may have - simply telephone Helen, Raedi or Brian on 01 8530271 and we will be pleased to assist you  - thank you!

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