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Another First For The Trust!  Waterford Distillery Launch Ireland’s First Single Malt Organic Whisky

News | 08 Sep 2016

There was great excitement in Waterford City yesterday as Waterford Distillery began distilling Ireland's first organic whisky. The team behind this fantastic project were joined by their organically certified malting barley growers, local press and representatives of organic certifier Organic Trust for the inaugural distillation of organic spirit. The honour of making the cut (the point where the spirit coming from the still is of the right quality and flavour to make whisky) fell to our very own Quality Assurance Manager, Colin Keogh who managed surprisingly well given all the sampling that preceded the deed!


Waterford Distillery began with the purchase of the old Waterford Brewery from Diageo by Mark Reynier back in 2014. Since then, the small dedicated team have been focused on setting up a world-class whisky distillery and sourcing world class ingredients to create their whiskies. The seeds for Waterford Distillery's organic whisky were planted way back in the spring of 2015 when the first fields of malting barley were sown by Waterford Distillery's 6 organic growers. With a world leading digital tracking system, each farmer's crop is stored, malted and distilled separately, thus capturing the distinct 'terroir' of the individual farms. Unfortunately, we will have to wait at least another 3-5 years for the whisky to age in casks before we get a chance to taste the 'real deal'. Going on the dedication to quality from the Waterford Distillery team, the results will be spectacular!

For further information on Waterford Distillery's new organically certified whisky, contact head brewer, Lisa Ryan at