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News | 14 Jan 2019

Please see below the latest information on avian influenza outbreaks or events in Europe:

• There are ongoing outbreaks of HPAI H5N8 in Bulgaria involving domestic poultry. The latest outbreak occurred in a backyard flock and was reported 17th December 2018. Disease control measures were implemented including culling of all birds on the affected premises, cleaning and disinfection and the establishment of protection and surveillance zones in line with EU legislation (Directive 2005/94/EC).
• The Netherlands reported LPAI H5N3 in captive geese and ducks in late December 2018. The birds were located in a pet shop and were being kept for export purposes. They will now remain quarantined pending further testing to confirm absence of disease.

Currently the overall risk of a highly pathogenic avian influenza incursion via wild birds into Ireland is low. However, as we are within the high risk period for avian influenza,  flock owners including owners of backyard poultry are advised to remain vigilant and implement ongoing biosecurity measures to mitigate against the threat of avian influenza.
Important biosecurity measures include:
• Discouraging wild birds and preventing direct contact with poultry.
• Feeding poultry indoors or under cover.
• Implementing good hygiene practices in all areas where poultry are kept or have access to.
The most recent DAFM advice leaflets on biosecurity are attached. Additional specific biosecurity advice can also be found here:

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