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Wrights of Howth.

In 1893 the Wright family began smoking Irish Salmon. The craft has been passed down through the generations and little has changed. We still fillet the fish by hand and cure using only natural sea salt. We then smoke each fish for eight hours using pure oak chippings which give our product its world renowned flavour.

This year, due to conservation of our Wild Salmon stocks, Wrights of Howth have now moved to producing Organic Irish Smoked Salmon, for which we won the Gold Great Taste Award 2009.


Organic Smoked Salmon
Irish Smoked Salmon
Wild Smoked Salmon

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On-line enquiries to: 00 353 1 816 7437

Retail Shop Howth: 00 353 1 852 0249

General Enquiries:  00 353 1 832 3937

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