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Second Nature Oils.

Drumeen Farm in Co Kilkenny is one of the longest certified organic farms in Ireland where we grow, cold press and bottle a multi-awarding-winning Irish alternative to imported olive oil.

Our rapeseed oil is our pride and joy and we have spent many a happy hour nurturing it through its life-cycle.

Second Nature's Happy Heart Rapeseed Oil is sold in health food stores; farmers markets; craft butchers; farm shops; cookery schools; restaurants; artisan food stores and is used by celebrity chefs.

We press the oil every couple of weeks and bottle it immediately in 250 ml, 500 ml or 5 ltr tins.  We then distribute it - that way our customers can enjoy the freshest possible culinary oil available in Ireland!

We also produce lemon, chilli, rosemary and mandarin infused rapeseed oils.

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