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Second Nature Oils.

Drumeen Farm in Co Kilkenny is one of the longest certified organic farms in Ireland where we grow, cold press and bottle the only certified organic rapeseed oil produced in the country.

Second Nature’s rapeseed oil is grown, cold pressed and bottled on our family farm in Co Kilkenny. It is also where we cold press and bottle our unrefined organic flaxseed oil and infused oils. Our oils are sold in farmers markets, health food stores, craft butchers, farm shops, cookery schools, artisan food stores and is used in many of Ireland’s Michelin star restaurants.

Second Nature’s Organic Rapeseed Oil is an exceptional oil made right here in Ireland. Cold pressed and bottled without any heat treatments or chemicals for the most natural experience. It has won multiple awards both inside and outside of the country. Rapeseed oil is a fresh, healthy alternative to imported oils and is much more versatile. Using Second Nature oils as a base for marinades, dipping sauces, salad dressings, or adding a tablespoon into a healthy smoothie are really easy ways of increasing your intake of healthy fats without over heating the oil and therefore maintaining all of the health benefits that the oil has to offer. Delicious drizzled over meat and vegetables, slow roasting and baking. Try a bottle today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

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