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Sara’s Choice.

Sara’s Choice provides highly beneficial Certified Organic & wildcrafted food supplements while helping the producing communities. Former chef Sara’s own health challenges led her to certified organic Maca and her personal experience with its health benefits inspired her to start the company.

Sara’s Choice are currently undertaking the necessary notification procedure to the relevant authorities for additional South American products.  We want to offer the consumer a varied range of products that reflect Sara’s love of life, the earth and the importance she places on nutrition and health. 


The Maca root is a hardy cruciferous vegetable cultivated on the Junin Plateau, an inhospitable region of the Peruvian Andean Mountains at altitudes of approximately 4,100 meters above sea level; higher than any other crop in the world.  It is grown by native Quechan Indian farmers.  It manages to survive in regions that are little more than barren rock with sub-freezing temperatures each night.  It has been domesticated since before the time of the Incas.  The part of the plant used for consumption is the root.  Native Peruvians have consumed Maca over several thousand years for energy, stamina & fertility.  It is the subject of much current research (Maca is recommended for fatigue in Mary Shomon’s New York Times bestseller ‘The Thyroid Diet’).

Sara’s Choice maca is selected from the finest sun dried Maca root, organically cultivated and processed, with Skal International and Organic Trust certificates.

Sara’s Choice Maca products are free from: gluten, yeast, soy, corn, dairy, wheat, excipients, flavourings & additives of any kind.  It is available in vegetable or gelatine capsules in jars of 100 and 180 and also in 100 grams powder.

Camu camu:

Camu Camu is a berry which grows wild in the nutrient rich soil of the Amazonian rainforest and boasts the highest concentration of natural vitamin C on the planet! It is easier on the stomach than synthetic Vitamin C and contains bioflavonoids and phytonutrients that offer superior anti-oxidant protection, anti-aging and emotional well-being - the pure natural alternative to synthetic vitamin C!  Sara’s Choice Camu Camu is wildcrafted. 
Wildcrafted plants are gathered from their natural, wild habitat.  Sara’s Choice Camu Camu is Wildcrafted sustainably: only the berries are taken from the bushes and the living plant is left.  Camu Camu’s amazing effects are only just becoming known throughout the world and it is hugely popular in Japan.  The Peruvian government has prepared for the large increase in demand by making Camu Camu seedlings available free of charge to rain-forest dwellers for cultivation.  It takes up to six years for the Camu Camu bush to bear fruit. The growing popularity of this wild rainforest fruit is contributing to the sustainable development of the Amazon River basin, helping the forest dwellers to maintain their traditional way of life.

Sara’s Choice Camu Camu is free from drying agents, preservatives, fillers, yucca, sugar, sweeteners, salt, yeast, dairy products, gluten, synthetic ascorbic acid, yeast, colourings or additives of any kind. It is available in vegetable capsules in jars of 100.

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