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Ocean Leaves.

Ocean Leaves (K+M Aquatic Plant Enterprises Ltd) is dedicated to providing a range of quality Irish seaweed-based fertilisers and plant care products, under their brand name Ocean Leaves®, for people looking for natural and organic methods to improve plant health and soil conditions in a cost effective, sustainable way.

Seaweed extracts are widely used in plant nutrition, and act as biostimulants due to the presence of plant hormones, which act on plant physiology to regulate and enhance the plant’s physiological process, thereby increasing plant health and plant growth.

Ocean Leaves® can help to enhance the plants ability to assimilate applied nutrients, improve crop yields, quality and post-harvest shelf life. The natural biostimulant properties of seaweed can also help to increase resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses. Ocean Leaves® seaweed products can be used by themselves or in tandem with other fertilisers. They are safe to use near pets and wildlife and is Guaranteed Irish.