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Clover Magazine

Clover Magazine

Clover magazine is published by the Organic Trust CLG and contains a wealth of information on all aspects of organic production. Clover magazine is issued free to all Organic Trust licensees.
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Fertility Products - Members.

BioAtlantis Ltd

BioAtlantis Ltd is a leading Irish biotechnology company focused on the development and manufacture of natural 'solutions' derived from botanical resources for plant, animal and…

Celtic Sea Minerals (Marigot Limited)

Celtic Sea Minerals specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of natural products, sourced from the clear, clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the…


Gee-up based in County Cork produces quality compost made from horse manure. The name Gee-up is appropriate as it gives a real and long lasting…

Glanbia Ingredients Ireland

Glanbia is a leading international dairy foods and nutritional ingredients Group, headquartered in Ireland.

Living Green

Living Green suppliers of the only certified organic compost produced in Ireland.

Nemos Horticultural Ltd - SuperNemos

SuperNemos is a biological control product containing microscopic beneficial nematodes (found in healthy soil) which are specially formulated to aggressively pursue several or different groups…

Ocean Leaves

Ocean Leaves (K+M Aquatic Plant Enterprises Ltd) is dedicated to providing a range of quality Irish seaweed-based fertilisers and plant care products, under their brand…

Soil Renew Ireland Limited

Soil Renew Ireland is based in North Tipperary. We have a small range of organic fertiliser and compost activator products which, when used once a…