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Highbank Organic Orchards.

Highbank Organic Orchards - are located in Cuffesgrange, Co Kilkenny and are certified by the Organic Trust. We produce a range of wonderful organic apple products including Apple Juices, Drivers Cider (non alcoholic) and Organic Ciders Highbank Proper and Highbank Medieval Cider. .

Highbank is also home to the multi-award-winning Highbank Orchard Syrup, Ireland’s answer to maple syrup.  Variously described as “organic heaven” (Bridgestone Guide 2011), “a mouth-full of Autumn” and “divinely healthy and delicious”.  Drizzle on porridge and muesli.  Pour on ice-cream, cheese and desserts.  A glaze for ham and flavour for bakes as well as delicious with sausages.

With the introduction of the new distillery. Highbank Orchards now produce a range of Single Estate organic apple spirits including Kilkenny Crystal Gin and Highbank Orchard Liqueur.

Taste and Tour operates from the farm so if you are in the Kilkenny area do drop in.

Highbank Organic Orchards use all their own organic apples in their products which trade under the brand Highbank Organics. Watch out for the three golden apples!

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