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Fruit Hill Farm (Veyranno Ltd T/A).

About Fruit Hill Farm It was September 1988 when we, Edite Rennings-Wandel and Manfred Wandel, started our enterprise. Our first activity was to plant strawberries, raspberries and other soft fruit - hence the name Fruit Hill Farm. Other plots of our smallholding grew outdoor vegetables - and in polythene greenhouses protected crops. All according to organic standards.

The difficulties in getting quality tools, organic fertilisers, biological pest control, green manure seeds and other materials essential for organic growing forced us to source these items abroad. The message spread quickly and many colleague growers asked us for similar supplies. This was when Fruit Hill Farm (trading) was born. Since then our market garden runs side by side with the trading business giving us the opportunity to trial new tools, to experiment with green manure seeds, to prove for ourselves the efficiency of biological control. Our hands-on approach let’s us confidently say: we know what we are talking about.

From the modest beginnings in the early 90’s to today’s trade it has been our aim to supply quality equipment - designed by professionals for the tough day to day commercial use. But not only commercial growers and farmers appreciate the range of lasting, practical equipment. Many quality conscious private gardeners are among our customers - like John and Sally McKenna. In their latest ‘Irish Food Guide’ they write about Fruit Hill Farm: ‘Mr. Wandel`s operation is basically the Louis Vuitton of gardening equipment - gorgeous, tactile, desirable, covetable, eternal, stylish, necessary, brilliant things, the very things which the style-conscious gardener with a style-conscious garden must have.’

We know that a conscious lifestyle does not end with environment friendly gardening. That’s why we at Fruit Hill Farm offer household items like grain mills to bake the best of all breads and cakes, juice extractors to process garden crops into healthy preservative free juices or laundry discs to replace washing powder and thus reduce Phosphate pollution of our watercourses.

We offer to everybody whatever is needed to keep us and our environment healthy and happy - for our own sake and the future of our children. Your help and suggestions are always very welcome!

Manfred Wandel and Edite Rennings-Wandel

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