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Drumeen Organic Farm.

Drumeen is probably the longest established organic farm, still existing, in the country. For more than 30 years, Ben and Charlotte Colchester have been developing an organic farming system which respects the needs of the land, the animals and the people who buy our wonderful food! Certified by the Organic Trust, our farm and farm products go from strength to strength each year!

We sell direct to our customers, who book in advance, so our produce is sold at farm prices which is much cheaper than the price of conventional produce in shops.

We grow the meal that our animals eat, therefore, we can be confident that there are no growth promoters, hormones, antibiotics or meat and bonemeal in any of our rations. All our products are 100% traceable.

Our award winning products include lamb, beef and culinary oil (finally, the Irish equivalent to imported Olive oil!).

Ben and Charlotte

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