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Crawford’s Organic Farm

Diverse farm producing the highest quality raw dairy products from our native Irish Shorthorns, along with the most nutrient dense, pasture raised, organic broilers, beef cattle and pigs.

Crawford's Farm is a holistic farm integrating environmental stewardship with humane animal husbandry to produce the healthiest pastures, wholesome grains and highest quality organic raw milk and meats.  We are dedicated to a regenerative farming model that helps restore natural balance while providing consumers with the healthiest and tastiest products.  All our animals are raised on pasture in rotations to mimic wild, natural systems and in harmony with grass growth.  This means all our products are truly seasonal – the way nature intended!

During the production season the farm sells certified organic:

 Raw Milk
 Raw Cream
 Raw Country Butter

 Pork and Bacon
 All offal, giblets and bones

All products are available from the farm gate, the Limerick Milk Market and various retailers throughout the midlands and Dublin.  Please ring, email or check our website for current deliveries and collection points.