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Chia Freyval Co Ltd

Direct Producers in South America and Importers of Organic Chia Seeds from Argentina.

Chia Freyval Co is the ideal mix of what's best in the business:


Our farms are located in different regions of Northern Argentina and Bolivia in order to mitigate climate contingencies, ranging from the Province of Chaco, Salta, Jujuy and southern Bolivia.

Production techniques

The Blanco family started farming in Argentina in 1948 and since then has constantly been at the forefront of production techniques.


Chia Freyval Co has set up efficient logistics for warehousing in ideal conditions and ships its production worldwide.

International trading

Chia Freyval Co.'s owners and associates have more than forty five years track record of agro and food trading on the five continents.

Chia Freyval Co not only produces superior quality food but also commits to respecting the environment and to employing local indian-native population.

Our growth is the result of a long-term vision, commitment and dedication.