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Gee-up based in County Cork produces quality compost made from horse manure. The name Gee-up is appropriate as it gives a real and long lasting boost - or gee-up - to your soil, encouraging lush growth with its nutrients, humus and if you're very lucky, worms too! Gee-up is peat free, has no additives and is now certified for use in organic systems.

Gee-up has been supplying to customers all over the country since 2003. Find Gee-up online or in Garden Centres.

Gee-up is simply composted horse manure, nothing added. The high temperature reached during composting kills weed seeds and results in a dark brown, friable compost, it doesn't smell of manure, it's pleasant to touch, satisfying to use and adds instant texture, life and bulk to poor and neglected soils.

Horse manure contains a full range of both major and minor nutrients, it produces Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash as it breaks down, as well as adding humus to the soil. Gee-up is Ph. neutral at 7.0, suitable for all plants.

Gee-up is pure simple organic fertilizer, excellent for the soil, easy to dig in and very effective to use as a mulch so you can let the worms do the digging for you!

Available in 12 or 18kg bags, cubic metre bulk bags and loose lorry loads also.