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Douce Mountain Farm

Douce Mountain Farm is on 49 acres of mountainside in the beautiful Shehy Mountains in West Cork.

The farm has a guesthouse, a traditional farmhouse with splendid views along the Owvane River Valley and Bantry Bay.  Groups, individuals and families can take part in various activities like hill walking, walking and meditation. 

We offer self-drive holidays and more.  Meditation in the style of Zazen is open to all visitors.  At certain times there are retreats (Zen sessions) and yoga courses on Douce Mountain Farm.

Douce Mountain Farm is certified by the Organic Trust Ltd.  An essential part of what we do and what we are involves the fresh and healthy food we produce with our own organic produce to as large an extent as possible.

Douce Mountain Farm is open for therapeutic, yoga and other groups.

Please write to:

Douce Mountain Farm
Co Cork

or Phone 027 66263 for a brochure.