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Ballybrado Ltd

Ballybrado is the best known name in Ireland when it comes to organic competence and authority

In 1983 Josef Finke founded at Ballybrado what later became the core cell of organic agriculture in Ireland.
Through strategic alliances, Josef Finke made processing capacities and distribution networks available to organic producers while at the same time maintaining the initiative and authority in marketing development. One of these results was the foundation of Good Herdsmen Ltd., today the biggest dedicated organic meat processors in the British Isles.

In the early years, when the term organic was still unknown in Ireland, Ballybrado grew organic grain for organic baby food producers on the continent.

Today the core business of Ballybrado is organic flour and flakes: Wheat, rye, spelt and oats are processed at the mill for home baking and professional bakeries, and while the exports of grain for Europe’s baby food industry has come to an end due to transport costs, Ballybrado handmade organic cookies have successfully filled this vacuum.

For more than 15 years Ballybrado has coordinated the production and supply of organic wool from certified organic farms in Ireland, including Ballybrado Farm.