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Celtic Sea Minerals (Marigot Limited).

Celtic Sea Minerals specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of natural products, sourced from the clear, clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the South West coast of Ireland. This reliable source of natural products is marketed and sold by a worldwide network of distributors into the animal feed industry, animal hygiene and environmental markets

Celtic Sea Minerals is officially licensed since 1991 by the Irish government to harvest seaweed off the South West coast of Ireland. This particular seaweed rapidly absorbs minerals & nutrients from the seawater and eventually forms a unique honeycomb structure with high mineral & trace element content.

Celtic Sea Minerals, through its access to this unique marine mineral, has scientifically developed a range of natural products for use in animal nutrition and hygiene and the environment.

The company has targeted specific nutritional problems and formulated its marine mineral to improve animal performance and welfare. This approach has resulted in the company producing a variety of products aimed at the Animal Nutrition and Animal Hygiene markets.

Celtic Sea Minerals has also shown that seaweed has applications in the Environmental markets, and produces a product aimed specifically at this industry.

Celtic Sea Minerals’ products are ideally suited to meeting the challenges in the Food and Environmental Industries and we have the science to prove their efficacy.



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