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Blakes Always Organic Ltd (Previously known as Blakes Organic Chocolate Ltd).

Blakes Organic Chocolate Ltd now produces their own Organic Kefir and Coffee products in County Leitrim, to compliment their existing Organic chocolate business. In order to reflect this, we have recently changed our company name to Blakes Always Organic Ltd.

Blakes Organic Chocolate is made solely from organically certified ingredients. It carries the Organic Trust symbol, endorsing the authenticity and integrity of our product. Blakes also carries the Fairtrade Mark, which assures the buying public that growers always receive a fair price for their produce.

Fair-trade Mark Ireland is a small world charity that awards the Mark to products that are purchased on internationally agreed terms.
Our chocolate also scores high on the healthy option scale with a very impressive “free from list”. All of our chocolate contains no Gluten, no soya, and artificial additives, colourings, preservatives, or emulsifiers.
Not only that, but our Blakes chocolate wrappers are environmentally friendly too. Our outer wrappers are made from recycled paper, and the 'metallised' inner foil is not only recyclable, it is also compostable, having been made from cellulose-based Biopolymer material which makes it suitable for home or industrial composting.

Our Blakes Culture Blend coffee beans were recently awarded the Bord Bia National Organic Award 2016 for Best Prepared Product. This locally roasted product is a blend of three Organic and Fairtrade coffee bean varieties, which are designed to give our coffee a rich body, low acidity, and just a hint of sweetness.
The main bean variety we use is an Arabica bean from Indonesia: Sumatra Mandheling Raja Gayo (The King of the Gayo Mountain). This gives our blend a nice smooth body. To this we add some Peruvian Arabica: HB Grade One, which gives our blend its sweetness and a hint of fruitiness. Then we add a small amount of Indonesian Flores Robusta for that extra kick of caffeine.

Blakes ‘Feel Good’ Kefir is produced in Drumshanbo from locally sourced organic pasteurized cows’ milk. Our natural flavour contains nothing but the Organic milk and the kefir culture to ferment the product. This gives our kefir its rich tarty flavour. Thanks to our blend of kefir cultures, each cup of kefir contains 12 live and active beneficial probiotic cultures. The benefits of these good bacteria may include supporting immunity and a healthy digestive system.

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