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Clover magazine is published by the Organic Trust CLG and contains a wealth of information on all aspects of organic production. Clover magazine is issued free to all Organic Trust licensees.
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Atlantic Aromatics Ltd.

Atlantic Aromatics was established in 1984 to supply genuine pure essential oils of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Our oils are purchased direct from farmers and distillers or from reputable traders in therapeutic oils. We specialise in the supply of certified organic oils and our operation is certified by Organic Trust Ltd., Dublin. Our products are supplied in secure, simple packaging. This enables us to minimise costs and to maximise the quality and value to our customers.

Essential Oils
In using essential oils for general life-enhancing purposes choose the oils whose aromas you like best. These are probably the most suitable for you. Similarly, do not use an oil whose aroma you don’t like.  The following gives you some idea of the various oils ..... many many more on our website

Bergamot Oil - citrus bergamiaExtracted from a citrus fruit grown in the Mediterranean region. With a floral citrus odour, it is both sedative and uplifting by nature and is reputedly helpful for those with eating disorders. It makes a pleasing bath oil.

Camomile Oil - anthemis nobilisDistilled from the flowers of the Roman Camomile herb. A soothing oil, it is best used in a massage blend. It can help relieve itchy and dry skin conditions and may help people with a tendency to allergies.

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