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Ariosa Coffee Roasting Co.

Michael Kelly of the Ariosa Coffee Company first learned about coffee the hard way – serving it to the afficionados in the cafes of New York and Sydney. “They’re passionate about coffee, especially in Sydney where the people are very demanding about what they have in their cup”

Michael says.

“I was inspired and wanted to learn more, so I approached the specialty roaster that was supplying the cafe where I was working at the time.
The head roaster, an Italian and a traditionalist when it came to roasting and blending, taught me the ropes.”

The Chemistry and the Art of Coffee Roasting and blending superior quality coffees is like
making good wine. The roaster needs to understand the character of each bean type, how it reacts to heat, and how its flavours blend with those of other beans.

The process begins naturally enough with the bean itself. Ariosa’s supplier bypasses the coffee commodities market to buy the highest grade beans directly, and ethically, from world’s best growers in South America, Africa and

Michael then applies a traditional, slow approach to roasting, ensuring that the distinctiveness of
each type of bean is accentuated by the process.

After resting to allow their roasted flavours to fully develop the beans are packaged, except of course those which Michael uses to create his own specialty Achill, Blasket, Iona and
Sherkin blends.

Coffee – Fresh from the Oven
Quality and freshness – this is the mantra shaping the Ariosa approach to coffee. As Michael points out

“Irish coffee drinkers are becoming more sophisticated and for coffee to be at its best it needs to be treated as a fresh food – like bread, it shouldn’t be sitting around on the shelf for too long.
My goal is to keep a core group of passionate customers supplied with a fresh quality product.
This is going to determine the growth of Ariosa.”

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