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Algaran Teo - Organic Seaweed Products Manufacturer.

Algaran Teo is an organic seaweed products manufacturer.

Algaran is a small company based in Malinmore,Glencolmcille, Co Donegal with a harvesting site at Muckross Head, Kilcar, Co Donegal  in proximity to the cleanest shores of the West Coast of Ireland.  We harvest sustainably in respect of nature and process seaweed at 30 degrees to preserve nutrients.  We only process our own freshly harvested organic seaweed which is constantly monitored for heavy metals and pollutants. Visit our website for full details of our range of products!

Algaran Seaweed Products (food and cosmetics) are produced with freshly harvested seaweed with natural and organic ingredients only.  No harsh chemicals, no perfumes, no flavours added.

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