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Achill Island Sea Salt.

Achill Island Sea Salt is a family business, founded in 2013, inspired by the long forgotten tradition of Salt Production on Achill Island and the O’Malley Family’s passion for the ocean and its surroundings.

Achill Island is situated off the West coast of County Mayo and is Ireland's largest off-shore island. The fresh water that runs offit's soaring cliffs and mountains combines with grade A sea waters provides for the perfect conditions to harvest Achill Island Sea Salt. A combination of modern & traditional techniques allows for the creation of this award winning pure white sea salt known for its quality & unique taste. Its soft & flaky texture creates an intensity of flavour that will enhance any dish. Achill Island Sea Salt has over 60 trace minerals, no anti-caking agents or chemical preservatives. It is packaged in 75gm of recyclable glass jars

Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt  was  launched in May 2018. It is also a hand harvested Sea Salt from Achill Island and is gently hot-smoked in County Mayo using beech and oak. It has a subtle smokey aroma & flavour and is great with meats, fish, salads and desserts and also available in  recyclable glass packaging.

Also launched in August 2018  is a  Visitors Centre in Bunnacurry, Achill.Co. Mayo offering factory tours of the sea salt business which was  born from its  surroundings. Visit and learn about the family’s story and  the history of sea salt and its place in our culture and food.   Taste a sample of Achill Island Sea Salt, watch a demonstration of sea salt crystallising and view the unique sea salt production process from tide to table.   Also available is a gift shop where you can buy Achill Island Sea salt and lots of other Irish products which use Achill Island Sea Salt as an ingredient.

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