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Clover magazine is published by the Organic Trust Ltd and contains a wealth of information on all aspects of organic production. Clover magazine is issued free to all Organic Trust licensees.
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The Organic Trust have made available a classifieds section on our site for Organic Trust members who wish to avail of this remarkable marketing facility.

The individual Member pages will also provide links to the members own specific website (if currently available).  This section is primarily populated by our Processor members as they are involved in producing and/or distributing organic produce and products directly to the end-consumer - most of these companies already have their own established websites.

All of the companies featured on the Organic Trust website produce an organically certified product or products or provide an organically licensed service (such as Importer/Distributor of organic products).  The Organic Trust have been very heartened by the increase in the number of companies who have now added an organic line to their product ranges. To find out what product or service is organically certified on behalf of each of the companies or entities listed, simply consult the detail in our downloadable membership listings (processor and producer). More precise information regarding the organic certification awarded to each company or individual entity can also be obtained directly from the featured companies or individuals.

Let us also not forget the hundreds of farmers and growers who work at the coal-face of organic production - many of these members do not have websites - they are too busy producing high quality organically certified raw material for our Processor members to either incorporate in an amazing range of organic produce and products or to package and distribute to a wide variety of outlets.  We must acknowledge, therefore, that our farmers and growers comprise the backbone of Irish organic production - their dedication and expertise ensures that we have an ever-increasing supply of high quality organically certified organic produce for consumers to enjoy.

This section will be in a constant state of development as new members come on stream and as new websites emerge. The system will randomly select a member to ‘feature’ on selected pages on the website - all members being featured on a random basis.

Up-to-date Membership Listings

Not all members wish to have their holding or business profiled on the website, therefore, the profiles are not an all-inclusive listing of Organic Trust certified operators.   The up-to-date listing of all operators (producers [both in-conversion and fully organic], processors, retailers, distributors and so forth) is available from the Organic Trust office by phoning 01 8530271.  This ensures that on any given date the most up to date listing can be accessed.

Organic licences are issued for a maximum period of one calendar year. Each licensee is obliged to apply for a renewal of their licence in January each year and some licensees - for a variety of reasons (commercial, personal, regulatory etc) - may decide not to renew their licence with the Organic Trust Ltd or may have had their licence revoked -  thus they become 'lapsed members'. The related forms listing below sets out former Organic Trust licensees who are no longer in possession of a valid up-to-date licence.

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Algaran Teo - Organic Seaweed Products Manufacturer

Algaran Teo is an organic seaweed products manufacturer.

Algaran Teo Health & Beauty Products

Algaran is processing freshly harvested seaweed into extracts which are used as key ingredients in their skincare products, soaps, shampoos and oils.

Alpha Organics - Richard Moeran

Richard Moeran's organic holding is located in Mountnugent, Co.Cavan and is one of the officially designated organic demonstration farms.

Altidore Farm - Philip Emmet

Prior to registering into certified organic production in 1994, Altidore Farm and Castle had been farmed with the very minimum of artificial inputs for many…

An Tairseach, Wicklow

At our shop, customers can select their own produce from our range of fresh organic vegetables, beef, pork and fruit as available.

Annalitten Foods Ltd

Annalitten Foods Ltd package and distribute organic eggs.

Annalitten Foods Ltd

Annalitten Foods Ltd produce, package and distribute organically certified eggs

Ardagh Beef - West Cork

Our organic beef is produced in West Cork.

Ardgroom Shellfish Ltd

Growing organic rope mussels in Ardgroom Harbour, Beara Peninsula, Co Cork.

Ariosa Coffee Roasting Co

Michael Kelly of the Ariosa Coffee Company first learned about coffee the hard way – serving it to the afficionados in the cafes of New…

Atlantic Aromatics Ltd

Atlantic Aromatics was established in 1984 to supply genuine pure essential oils of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Our oils are purchased direct from…

Ballard Organic Farm - Pat Lalor

Ballard Organic Farm has been owned and operated by the Lalor family since 1844. During the following 100 years the farm was - in reality…

Ballybrado Ltd

Ballybrado is the best known name in Ireland when it comes to organic competence and authority

Ballymaloe Cookery School, Organic Farm & Gardens

Ballymaloe Organic Farm is organically certified by the Organic Trust Ltd.

Barry’s Tea

Barry’s Tea has a long established reputation and heritage as Ireland’s leading tea blenders. Our teas are selected from the best tea estates in the…

Beshoffs The Market

Beshoff the Market located on the West Pier of picturesque Howth Harbour, uniquely brings together the very freshest seafood with the highest quality organic fruit…

BioAtlantis Ltd

BioAtlantis Ltd is a leading Irish biotechnology company focused on the development and manufacture of natural 'solutions' derived from botanical resources for plant, animal and…

Blackshell Farm Ltd

Blackshell Farm Ltd has been cultivating mussels in Clew Bay since 1983 and has been certified as organic since 2010. All of our mussels are…


Blakes Organic Chocolate Ltd now produces their own Organic Kefir and Coffee products in County Leitrim, to complement their existing Organic chocolate business. In order…

Blas Glas

Blas Glas is a certified organic farm in Beal an Atha, Maigh Eo.

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