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Clover Magazine

Clover magazine is published by the Organic Trust Ltd and contains a wealth of information on all aspects of organic production. Clover magazine is issued free to all Organic Trust licensees.
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A selection of interesting news snippets from the Autumn / Winter 2007 edition of clover magazine

Better Blend
A two year comparative study of wheat plantings has shown that blends of complementary wheat varieties out-yielded single varieties by 3.2%. Why? Well, a particular variety may be resistant to some diseases, but susceptible to others. Or a variety may yield well in the absence of disease, but fall short of its yield potential when an epidemic occurs.
ARS Bulletin May 8, 2007

Whitefly to go
An unusually durable fungus, Isaria propawskii, first spotted on tiny insects feeding on eggplants in Texas, may become a new biological control for this widespread and costly pest.
ARS Bulletin May 11, 2007

In studies over the past few years, applying Distillers Dried Grains to soil as a surface mulch has not only suppressed weeds, but also bolstered the growth of tomatoes and some turf grasses by up to 51%. Now how to get it GM free?
ARS Bulletin June 9, 2007

Good idea but not all foods high in AO’s raise blood levels. Plums have no effect despite high levels in the fruit with grapes and kiwi being the most effective.
ARS Bulletin June 12, 2007

And again
Three groups of rats - equivalent in age to 63 year old humans - were fed extracts of antioxidant foods with their usual food. When the rats were equivalent in age to 73 year old humans, their performance levels were measured. The extract-fed rats outperformed their peers in the control group and showed much higher levels of dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter.
ARS Bulletin August 8, 2007

Fungus or not
Adding trichoderma hamatum strain 382 to potting mix reduces botrytis better than conventional fungicide treatment. It prevents Botrytis from infecting fresh wounds, and produces compounds that keep Botrytis spores from germinating.
ARS Bulletin June 15, 2007

Happy breast is best
Laughter improves breast milk’s health effect. Babies with eczema that were breast fed hours after the mothers were laughing had milder allergy symptoms.
New Scientist June 21st 2007

Bad phone
Pedestrians making cell-phone calls pay less attention to safety when crossing roads than those without phones. Duh!
New Scientist May 31st 2007

Oral sex can cause throat cancer
People who have had more than five oral-sex partners appear 250% more likely to have throat cancer than those who do not engage in this activity.
New Scientist May 10th 2007

Some people are genuinely more likely to have accidents - as much as 50% more. Nobody knows why - personally I blame original sin.
New Scientist May 20th 2007

The old organic favourite is finding converts in New Zealand with new, more persistent varieties giving high quality grazing for cattle and sheep, particularly on drought-prone land.
Farmers Weekly July 20th 2007

Fat is a fertility issue
Overweight women are less fertile, not because obesity disrupts menstrual cycles, as previously thought. According to the latest research, reduced libido may be to blame. Alternatively, being fat may give you a negative self-image, so you have sex less often.
New Scientist May 10th 2007

Here’s looking at you
Men with blue eyes are drawn towards blue-eyed women, prefer them as partners and, because blue eyes are recessive, this provides reassurance that the woman’s blue-eyed babies are theirs too.
New Scientist January 22nd 2007

Round and round
Circular cattle buildings have performance advantages - 3/5 week earlier finishing and 50-70% lower vet bills.
Farmers Weekly May 25th 2007