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Organic Trust 2015 AGM Resounding Success!

News | 23 Oct 2015

The Organic Trust AGM won 'hands down' over the Irish rugby performance on Sunday last. In contrast to our poor performance on the field, keynote speaker Eanna Ni Lamhna highlighted the excellent performance in the fields of organic farmers all over the island of Ireland. "On average, organic farms support up to 35 species of birds in comparison to 16 for non-organic farms" according to Eanna. Attendees had gathered in the wonderfully autumnal Highbank Organic Orchards for the 2015 Organic Trust AGM at which Eanna Ni Lamhna gave the keynote address of the day. Following AGM business, members enjoyed a guided tour of Highbank's distillery, orchards and apple press facility led by the very knowledgeable Rod Calder-Potts. This was followed by a sumptious organic lunch prepared by Louise & Lucy of Nude Food which was eaten to the accompaniment of a wonderful jazz trio.

Organic Trust 2015 AGM Resounding Success! Image
Our picture shows keynote speaker Eanna Ni Lamhna with Organic Trust Chairperson Pat Lalor of Kilbeggan Organic Porridge fame - Ballard Organic Farm

In her keynote address to the meeting, Eanna Ni Lamhna highlighted the massive environmental challenges facing global society, from climate change to biodiversity loss. Eanna spoke of the impact and contribution of industrial agriculture towards these problems and showed how, by making a move towards agroecology and organic farming, we can begin to address these very serious challenges and redress the balance in our fields. Unfortunately, Eanna had no such answers for the future of Irish rugby!