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Organic Trust AGM - October 19th 2014 at Highbank Organic Orchards in Kilkenny

News | 21 Oct 2014

Anya Hultberg, public procurement expert from the Copenhagen House of Food provided a really inspirational talk during her keynote address at the Organic Trust AGM. The talk took place at the 2014 AGM & Annual Conference of the Organic Trust which was hosted by Rod & Julie Calder-Potts at their beautiful farm - Highbank Organic Orchards in Cuffesgrange in Co Kilkenny. Rod & Julie welcomed a huge number of attendees to the event on a day on which the sun shone; food was provided in abundance and the conversation flowed easily in an atmosphere of total conviviality.

Organic Trust AGM - October 19th 2014 at Highbank Organic Orchards in Kilkenny Image
Our picture shows Anya Hultberg, Public Procurement Expert from the Copenhagen House of Food, during her address to the Organic Trust 2014 AGM

Anya was given a resounding welcome by all attendees and delivered a hugely informative and riveting keynote address.

"The kitchens in our public institutions need to move from a culture of feeding, to a culture of eating".  This was according to Anya Hultberg, a Danish expert on Green Public Procurement whilst speaking at the AGM of Organic Trust on Sunday.  "In Copenhagen, we wanted to put sustainability to the forefront in our public kitchens and using organic food was a key part of this, but it also required some fundamental changes to how these kitchens operated.  Staff had to be retrained on cooking with raw and seasonal ingredients rather than just reheating pre-prepared, processed foods."

Giving the keynote address at the AGM which was held in Highbank Orchards in Kilkenny, Anya Hultberg outlined the amazing results achieved by Danish public kitchens when they switched to cooking with good quality organic ingredients. "All public kitchens in Copenhagen are now using more than 80% organic ingredients on average, and they have managed this on the same budgets as before. Apart from helping to achieve sustainability targets, this shift in policy has had a huge number of added benefits, from better health outcomes in hospitals and care homes to improved staff skill levels and morale.  By using quality organic ingredients, we have seen food waste reduced by a huge amount also." 

Huge crowds from Ireland's organic sector gathered at Highbank on Sunday to hear the inspirational talk from Anya, who has played a key role in one of Europe's most successful examples of public procurement.

Following the address, Organic Trust's National Co-ordinator, Helen Scully said that the Danish example provided a great roadmap for a coherent green public procurement strategy here in Ireland. 

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